Agata Błoch Agata Błoch – PhD Candidate at Institute of History of Polish Academy of Sciences. She received grants from the National Science Center of Poland (PRELUDIUM: 2017/27/N/HS3/01104) and the Gulbenkian Foundation of Portugal. Her main research interests are the colonial history of the Portuguese Empire and its subaltern groups in the network perspective. Author of the book “Cabo Verde Paraíso do Atlântico Colonial” (Porto Alegre, 2018).

Michał Bojanowski Michał Bojanowski – assistant professor at the Chair of Quantitative Methods & Information Technology at the Kozminski University, Poland. He is a sociologist by training (PhD in sociology at ICS/Utrecht University, The Netherlands) with a passion for statistical and computational modelling. His main research interests focus on (dynamics of) social networks and mathematical/computational social science as tools for understanding conflict and cooperation. Michał is a finalist of the Scientific Awards of Polityka weekly 2012. Seasoned R developer and trainer.

Demival Vasquez Filho Demival Vasques Filho – Postdoctoral researcher at the Leibniz-Institute of European History (IEG) in Mainz, Germany. His PhD was in physics, in the broad area of complexity and network theory, at the University of Auckland, in New Zealand. His thesis explored the structure and evolution of large social networks. During his PhD, he was part of several different projects involving networks, such as collaboration networks for scientific and technological innovation, and networks of political power and political activity. He is interested in developing new methods and expanding the application of complex systems concepts to the study of the humanities and social sciences.


  • Monika Pawluczuk
  • Bartosz Lemiec